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29:26 | Posted on November 2, 2020

Everyone needs a little AirTime.
Check out our latest Talk Show episode.

Wedding Planning During a Pandemic
On this episode of The Mom’s Network Dr. Cathy Subber and the Moms talk about wedding planning, the ups, downs, and COVID 19 pandemic. Dr. Cathy and Patti Minglin are joined by guests Moms Katie Matar & Linda Whitaker to talk about being a parent of an adult child and the wedding process. Whether you’re the mother of the bride or groom it is a transition time for parents as your child starts the own family. watch video
“Through The Branch, I have made some of the best friends and to be honest, being a mom and juggling so many things can be really hard at times. The Branch is a place for moms to share those challenges, make new friends and feel confident in the choices they make as a mom and as a woman. -Happy Mom Member”

Listen to our podcast on NCTV17.com

On this episode of The Mom’s Network Dr. Cathy Subber and the moms talk about blended families, and how everyone has a family culture that is completely their own.


You’re always invited!

Santa’s Naperville Workshop

December 2, 2020
Riverwalk Cafe

Santa is coming to town to work in one of his remote workshops, and you’re invited to visit! Visitors will remain outdoors and peer through the windows of Santa’s...

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