10 Bedtime Routines Parents Love


When it comes to bedtime, the struggle is real.

Thanks to HuffPost Life, we have 10 tips from parents who have bedtime down to a science.

Consistency is Key
“Consistency is key! We use sleep cues like music and white noise. I also use a picture chart so that the kids feel like they have some control over the routine as well. Everyone knows what’s coming next and there are no surprises.”–― Megan G.

Stay in Bed
“Our middle is our night owl and early bird, so sometimes [she] will procrastinate, but for the most part they follow our rule: you don’t have to go to sleep, but you have to stay in bed.” ― Lesley C.

Audiobooks for the Win
“I have two kids ages 9 and 5. When my oldest was about 6 I would have her go to bed listening to audiobooks because she didn’t want to be alone in the dark but somehow it made it better with an audiobook on to fall asleep to. This let me lie down with my youngest (after reading him his 2 books… he never lets me forget that) and then I sneak away once he is asleep. Total bonus from audiobooks it really boosted her audible memory and she is reading 4 grade levels ahead now!” ― Jill H.

Ask Some Questions
“We have bedtime questions that help them settle down and get the talkies out. They are the same five questions every night: ‘what was your favorite thing about today?’ ‘was there anything you didn’t like?’ ‘how were you kind today?’ ‘what do you think we will do tomorrow?’ and ‘how much do I love you?’ Both kids (6 and 3) are usually passed out after ten minutes.” ― Elizabeth A.

Carve out One-on-One Time
“Staggering quiet one on one time with one parent just cuddling, reading, or quietly chatting. I cannot tell you how many times I fell asleep in one of my kids beds. Or how often they fell asleep in mine.” ― Nicole Ann M.

Use a Timer
“Timers have been a game changer. My son doesn’t ‘transition’ from one activity to another well without advance notice. We set a timer on our Echo Dot. ‘Okay, in 5 mins when the timer goes off, we’re gonna go do ____ and then cuddle and then read books and then bed!’ Also keeping the routine the EXACT same (down to saying the exact same thing ever night: ‘sweet dreams I love you I’ll see you in the morning when you wake up’) helps a ton.” ― Noelle F.

Check out Night Time Apps
“Those night time apps are the best thing ever! My daughter gets to scroll through and pick what story or lullaby she wants (giving her a sense of control and engagement) but five minutes into a story and she is sound asleep and snoring.” ― Corey D.

Have a Last Call
“We do a ‘last call’ for snacks/drinks 30 mins before bedtime. It has eliminated the ‘I’m hungry’ and ‘I’m thirsty’ calls from our daughter’s bedroom after we leave the room!” ― Amanda S.

Let Kids Be in Control
“Let them be in control as much as possible: ‘Do you want to brush your teeth first, or get in Pjs first?’ ‘Would you like these Pjs, or these Pjs?’ ‘Would you like water first, or a story first?’” ― Lauren M.

Start Earlier
“Start 20 minutes earlier than you think you need to!” ― Stella H.

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