10 Fun Conversation Starters for Kids


With the school year in full swing, you are probably up to your eyeballs in great after school conversations with your kids.  Wait, you’re not? Don’t worry, most parents are sitting in the same after school boat.

If you seem to be getting nowhere with the traditional “How was your day?”, try one of these with your kids:

  1. Did you smile or laugh extra today?
  2. Did you learn anything that surprised you today?
  3. What part of school do you enjoy the best besides recess?
  4. What did you enjoy about your lunch today?
  5. What was the most boring part of your day?
  6. Who did you play with today at recess (sit with at lunch, etc.)?
  7. How did someone help you today? Did you help someone?
  8. Tell me the top two things from the day. Why are they your top two?
  9. If you had a camera at school today, what picture would you have taken?
  10. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Looking for more great after school conversation starters?  Check out this list from Momalot.

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