10 Phrases to Inspire Confidence in Your Child


We all know the importance of having healthy self-esteem and, as parents, we have the opportunity to build self-esteem and confidence in each of our children every single day.  Motherly shares some great phrases that inspire confidence–here are 10 of our favorites:

  1. “You are capable.”
    As a parent, our words become the internal language in the minds of our children. We know that our kids are capable of so much—let your words match this belief
  2. “That was brave.”
    Sometimes we need to notice things aloud. That means to let them know when we see them being brave. When we notice our kids being brave, they start to notice too.
  3. “You’ve got this.”
    You know that they have the skills and means necessary and your vote of confidence will give them that extra boost they need to succeed.
  4. “I believe in you.”
    As the parent, you have faith in your child’s ability. When you openly communicate that faith in them it will inspire it within themselves.
  5. “You can do hard things.”
    When the going gets tough the obstacles can seem insurmountable. So this direct phrase will tell them exactly what they need to hear—acknowledgment that this is hard work and that they are capable.
  6. “No matter what happens, I still love you.”
    Our children need to hear words that communicate unconditional love. That means providing reassurance of our love—regardless of the outcome.
  7. “How’d you do that?”
    Ask questions. When you see them do something hard, say, “How did you manage that? How can you do it again?”
  8. “I know it’s hard, but I’ve seen you do it before.” 
    It can seem overwhelming, but let’s give them evidence of when they have been successful before. This will instill the confidence that they can do it again.
  9. “You are enough.”
    It doesn’t matter what the outcome—they need to know they are enough just the way they are.
  10. “You make me proud.”
    Straight and to the point—you can never tell your child this enough.

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