10 Screen-Free Activities You Can Do at Home


If you’re feeling as if your kids are getting a little too much screen time these days, try one of these great activities from Macaroni Kid:

Make some playdough. This no-bake recipe makes it easy for kids to help make it and then spend hours playing with it.

Make your own board game. Design the board out of cardboard, create your rules, and have fun playing together.

Finger knitting. Such a fun hobby to learn, plus it’s developmentally important!

Create a reading nook. Toss some pillows and a blanket or two into a cozy corner and encourage the kids to read there.

Have a dance party. Turn up the music and dance together!

Make an obstacle course. Inside or outside, this can be a fun and active activity.

Chalk play. Break out the chalk and have some artistic fun outside. Don’t have any chalk? Make your own DIY chalk paint – a mess free alternative.

Write a play. Then act it out.

Enjoy some science. Create a cloud in a jarexplode an applemake ice crystals, and more. Search science in the search box on Macaroni Kid and find some science fun!

Learn to cook. Cook with the kids. Teach them out to make some easy meals for the family, such as chicken chilitaco souptaco cupcakes, and pizza casserole.

Click here for more great no-screen activities.

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