10 Virtual Field Trips for Kids

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This past weekend was the unofficial start of summer and with many camps and other programs postponed, you may be looking for some new ways to entertain the kiddos.  Why not take them on a global field trip?

Good Housekeeping recently shared 35 virtual field trips—from museums to farms to famous landmarks, your kids can go on a global adventure every week of the summer.  Here are 10 of our favorites:

Metropolitan Museum of Art: The #Metkids site is geared for little ones, and lets them explore a cute, illustrated map to find treasures in the museum’s collection.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: This site offers a virtual version of every exhibition in the museum.  You’ll want to bookmark this one.

Farm Food 360: Kids can see 11 different sorts of farm and food plants, including dairy cow farms, egg processing facilities, and an apple orchard.

Buckingham Palace: Go room-by-room and see all of the amazing historical objects in the palace.

Mount Rushmore: The virtual tour of Mount Rushmore was created through 3D scans of the mountains.

San Diego Zoo: One of the most famous of zoos in the United States, you can catch live cams and videos of your favorite animals.

Shedd Aquarium: Everything you love about the Shedd brought to your own home.  They even have new episodes of a limited series called #StayHomeWithShedd, made for kids and kids at heart.

M&Ms Factory Tour: The Food Network hosts a virtual tour of the M&Ms factory and shows how the delicious candy gets made.

The Moon: NASA does virtual tours of the moon, along with the International Space Station.  Kids can also see the real surface of Mars, courtesy of the Curiosity rover.

Discovery Education: The site hosts virtual field trips for kids, from engineering plants that make cars of the future to a lab that researches nuclear energy.

And while all of these are “screen experiences”, you can continue the engagement offline by having kids draw what they remember most, write about the favorite part of their “trip” or even create a family quiz filled with facts they learned.

Click here for the full list of virtual field trip ideas.

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