10 Ways to Eat More Plants

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This month at Advanced Health of Naperville, our Element of Health is Nutrition & Hydration. As we slide into the summer months we start to think about fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, colorful salads and grilled foods outdoors.

Here in the Midwest we do not take for granted beautiful weather. Warmer temperatures may tempt us with ice cold sugary or alcohol-filled drinks, sweet ice cream treats or an overindulgence of hot dogs and burgers.

While all of those things deserve their rightful place in our summer, it’s so important to focus on hydrating ourselves with water (half your body weight in ounces is ideal!) and nourishing ourselves with foods that fuel our bodies in the right way.

Graduate student Allison Anderson shares 10 Ways to Eat More Plants. Take a look at Allison’s tips below. To read the full article with personal commentary and additional nuggets of nutritional wisdom, click HERE.


  1. Have a small salad with dinner, every night
  2. Jazz up pasta sauce with frozen veggies
  3. Clean and prepare your produce as soon as possible
  4. Buy plant foods that you love (not the ones you think you “should”)
  5. Eat plants as a snack
  6. Make a salad you actually want to eat
  7. Eat beans, the magical plant
  8. Consistency is key
  9. Whole grains (period)
  10. Strive for balance


Allison Anderson is a Graduate Assistant for Student Learning-ASAP. MS Coordinated Program in Nutrition. Anticipated Graduation December 2021

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