15 Things Every College Freshman Should Know


Sending your child off to their first year of college?  If you’re like New York Times writer Kelly Corrigan, you might be worried they won’t remember all the important things.  “To every child everywhere who is leaving home soon, could we agree that we love each other and that’s what matters?  And real quick, before you go, let’s just make sure we covered everything. “

According to Kelly, here are a few of the important things every kid headed off to college should remember (read all of them here—it’s worth your time!):

  1. Don’t take other people’s Adderall to help you study.
  2. When you see a soldier in uniform you should say “Thank you for your service”
  3. When you’re in your dorm room, prop your door open so people can lean in.
  4. When you’re walking around on campus, put your phone in your backpack so you can say hi.
  5. Make your Uber driver say your name and let a friend track your location before you get into the car.
  6. Don’t let anyone make you a drink.
  7. Don’t be afraid to stay home sometimes.
  8. The stamp goes in the upper right-hand corner of the envelope.
  9. One minute of meditation is the world’s easiest mood reset.
  10. Go to the professor’s office hours—not enough people do that.
  11. Activism often works.
  12. Go abroad.
  13. Get some sleep.
  14. Be patient.
  15. Be nice. To yourself too.

What things are you making sure your child knows before you leave them at school?  We’d love to hear your advice.  Share it with us on our Facebook page.

Click here to read Kelly’s entire piece and if you are a parent who is—or who will soon be—leaving a child at college, grab some tissue.

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