2023 Fashion Trends


What fashion trends should be on your radar in 2023? We’ve turned to hellomagazine for the top 17 trends to look out for this year. Are you a trendsetter, a trend follower? 


  1. Blazers: The tailored look continues in 2023 
  2. Mini dresses: Try one in a purple tone to really be on trend
  3. Lace: Out in full force on the runways and ready to translate to retail
  4. Fringe: Cool meets cowboy
  5. Thigh-high splits: Always dramatic 
  6. Denim: A la Y2K. And yes, even denim dresses
  7. Cut-out dresses: Large and proportioned 
  8. Blue: A cool hue that can fit with almost any other color
  9. Animal print: Zebra, leopard…it’s up to your personal taste
  10. Utility: Think jumpsuits, cargo, and belts
  11. Mermaid-core: Scale-inspired, shimmery fabrics, and fishtail silhouettes
  12. Femme sheer: Mesh and sheer are having a moment with a feminine touch
  13. Grunge: Smells like teen spirit…and a comeback
  14. Costume drama: Balloon silhouettes, corsets and puffed sleeves
  15. Sultry hoods: Striking capes and hoods
  16. Texture: Feathers, sequins and fringe aren’t just for parties anymore
  17. Silver metallics: Lustrous metallics have taken a cool turn


When it comes to personal style, there are two types of people: those who shun trends and those who can’t get enough of them. If you’re team 1, you probably don’t care what bag silhouette is most hot right now or which color will be spotted on the red carpet this awards season. But even if you personally prefer classics, there’s still something to be gained from keeping a watchful eye on what types of pieces fashion lovers are currently gravitating toward. 

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