4 Things to Do If Your Child is Lonely

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Even as we begin to venture out into our “new normal”, the lack of summer sports and other group activities may lead your child to boredom, anxiety, and isolation.  Our partners at Edgewood Clinical share these tips for helping your child if he or she is lonely:

Make Time for Play
Whether you have to learn to play Minecraft or get through 20 games of Candyland, put in extra playtime with your kids. Toss the ball around, have a tea party, build a fort…don’t be afraid to get silly and have fun in ways you normally wouldn’t.

Allow More Screen Time
While you may limit screen time in most circumstances, now may be a time to use technology to your advantage. FaceTime, Zoom, video games, and online hangouts are great ways to help your kids connect with peers

Give Them Solo Projects
Help children engage in projects they can enjoy in their own solitude. As an example, making any kind of art helps cope with stress. Even when someone is not talented, artistic expression reduces anxiety.

Trust Your Child Will Be Okay
Kids are resilient, especially if they’re surrounded by supportive adults. A temporary bout of loneliness is normal even without a pandemic, so don’t create a victim mentality.

Read the entire blog post from Edgewood Clinical here.



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