5 Ways to Bond with Your Teen


Ah, the teen years.  While these may not be the easiest years to navigate, they are filled with great opportunities to build lifelong connections that will deepen your relationship with your teen now and in the future.  We love these suggestions for how to bond your teen from Wordtoyourmotherblog.com:

*warning: be low key and casual.  Announcing “it’s bonding time” will not go over well. 

  • Find a similar interest
    Try to find something that you both enjoy and do it together. When teenagers are in a relaxed environment, they share more.
  • Start texting
    Yes, I know this may not sound like bonding, but studies have shown that parents who text their teenagers have better relationships with them.
  • Volunteer together
    You can grow closer to your teenager by helping someone in need. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter for the homeless.
  • Exercise
    Getting active boosts your mood and if you do a mood-boosting activity with your teenager then they’re going to associate you with an adrenaline rush, not a chore chart!
  • Start a conversation (unrelated to grades, gossip, & chores)
    Just strike up a conversation without lecturing or nagging or asking a bazillion questions about her friend’s boyfriend’s Instagram post you happened to see yesterday.

Click here for more great ideas–including some conversation starters.



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