5 At-Home Date Night Ideas


Are you craving a little alone time with your significant other?  Here are five great ideas for how to have date night fun even if you can’t get a sitter to leave your home.


Make Dinner Together
It’s time to spend some quality time together in the kitchen.  When you intentionally block off time to make dinner, the task becomes way more enjoyable—especially when you are doing it together.  Spend time sifting through new recipes, making your shopping list, and dividing up the cooking tasks.  No time to make a big dinner?  Create a fancy dessert and enjoy it after the kids have gone to bed.

Order a Special Dinner
If cooking isn’t your thing, let the professionals do it for you! Get the kids to bed early, order delivery or curbside pickup from one of your favorite restaurants (there’s a great list of local options here), put on a great Spotify playlist, light some candles and, voila—you have a date night worthy of putting on your fancy clothes. And by fancy we mean something other than yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

Play a Board Game
Board games are not just for kids.  From Monopoly to Scrabble, break out your favorite board game for an evening of friendly competition.  If you both prefer online fun—or want to have a double date with your friends—try some of the new virtual game playing options such as Jackbox Games. You can pair your evening of board game play with one of these creative charcuterie boards. Winner gets to choose next week’s game.

Get Artsy
From making candles to painting furniture, find a project you both love and create something beautiful together.  Don’t overthink this—even getting some watercolor paints and blank paper will help you unleash your creativity.  If you need a little direction, check out a Pinot’s Palette for a take-home painting kit or virtual class.

Head Outside
Look at your backyard with a new perspective. Throw a blanket on the grass and have an afternoon picnic while the kids are sleeping, have a late night s’more roast, or just curl up under a blanket and watch your favorite movie on your laptop.


What creative ideas do you have for date nights from the comfort of your home?

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