5 Fall Activities Your Family Will Love


If you are looking for some fun fall activities the whole family will enjoy, we’ve got just the list for you!  Here are five ideas from CafeMom:


  1. Apple Picking
    There are numerous apple picking places throughout Chicagoland (head to The Branch Facebook group to get some ideas) filled with activities the entire family will love.  Be sure to check out websites for safety guidelines and once you bring your apples home, head to the kitchen to make some tasty snacks or desserts!
  2. Watch Classic Fall Movies
    If the day is cold and gray, grab your fuzzy socks, a favorite blanket, a cup of hot cider or tea and settle in for a movie night.  There are some great fall movies for families including Halloweentown, Remember the Titans, Hocus Pocus, The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Get some more ideas here.
  3. Leaf Peeping
    The next two weeks will be the peak of leaves changing color, so hop in the car for a day-long road trip to see the beautiful foliage in our area.  Not ready for a day-long trip?  Grab some snacks and take a drive around town—there are some amazing spots right in our own backyard.
  4. Go on a Picnic
    Pack a basket with all your favorite food and head outside to enjoy your meal (you can even just to your backyard).  Don’t forget to bring a picnic blanket and some outdoor toys to keep the family entertained.
  5. Have a Pie Tasting
    Fall is the time for pies! Host an at-home pie tasting for your family by baking (or purchasing!) a variety of pies.  To make it feel really legit, have grading cards for each pie and rate them on their taste.

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