5 Parenting Trends for 2021


While we are all looking forward to leaving 2020 behind, according to Chicago Parent here’s what we should look for in the new year.

More conversations about moms in the workforce
One of the things that we learned in 2020 was that working parents can work from home and get just as much work done when they have flexible schedules. Couple this with the fact that many working moms are leaving the workforce during the pandemic, and companies are going to need to have some serious conversations about moms in the workforce or risk losing them all together.

More intentional screen time and online school
Thanks to online school in 2020, it looks like we’re on track balancing productive screen time with leisure screen time in 2021. In addition, moms.com reports that a recent study by the American Federation for Children found that a whopping 40% of parents plan to continue online school for their kids, so don’t expect virtual learning to go anywhere anytime soon.

Another trend largely influenced by the pandemic is Telehealth or getting a health diagnosis over video chat. During the pandemic, many doctors found that some visits can be both easily and effectively done over a screen, which is particularly great for busy moms who may not be able to squeeze in a trip to the doctor or therapist’s office.

Online support services for parents
Along with Telehealth came the rise of virtual support services for parents. These services ranged from lactation consultants to therapists and even doulas — Parent Lab, for instance, saw an increase in demand on online materials to help with quality time and communication. Since these services are online, they’re open to all parents (no matter where they live) and are easier than a trip out of the house.

One of the top five trends of 2020 was eco-friendly baby products and a focus on sustainability. This trend is likely sticking around in 2021 with an even bigger push thanks to the pandemic. Brands and organizations that truly care about their impact on both people and the planet are on the rise as is the focus on sustainable products and practices. Meanwhile frivolous spending is declining.

Chicago Parent also lists the five trends we hope stay in 2020–read the full article here.

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