5 Sidewalk Chalk Ideas


As we head in the final days of summer, here are some great ideas from mommynearest.com on how to make the best of your outside chalk creations.

Write an inspirational message
Encourage your kids to leave messages of love, hope, health and support for people walking by to read.

Draw a rainbow
Add to the many rainbows you’ve probably spotted in your neighborhood! Bring out an array of colored chalk and let the kids go crazy drawing all types and sizes of rainbows. Add a pot of gold to the end for fun.

Create your own tape art design
If you haven’t tried this innovative chalk project, now’s the time. Grab masking tape and create a design with it on the sidewalk. Then, have your kids color in each section with different color chalk. Once they’re done, remove the tape and voila—a design that’s definitely Insta-worthy.

Thank a healthcare worker
We can’t say it enough—healthcare workers are our heroes during the coronavirus outbreak. Thank the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers in your area by writing messages to them in chalk.

Make a hopscotch board
This oldie but goodie is a fan favorite with little ones (and, if we’re being honest, parents, too). Draw out a hopscotch board on the sidewalk and spend the afternoon hopping away. Looking for more active fun? Making an obstacle course out of chalk—add things like “do five jumping jacks,” “sing a song” and “meow like a cat” to the list of must-dos.

Click here to see great images of all the above ideas.  And, share your creations with us!


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