5 Tips to Address Diversity with Your Kids


We can all agree that having a more inclusive community—whether that be in our cities, schools, or even with our personal friend groups—leads to a better world.  Chicago Parent shares a great list of ways we can help our kids break through racial, ethnic, and religious barriers. Here are a few of their suggestions:

  • Mix your media.
    Choose books, toys, shows and music that include people of different ethnicities. And if you spot racial stereotyping in your media, point it out to your children.
  • Widen your circle.
    Populate your life with varied friends. If you don’t live in an integrated neighborhood with organic opportunities to interact, consider signing your kids up for extracurricular or volunteer programs with a diverse group.
  • Explore your world.
    Expand your horizons by visiting museums with exhibits about a variety of cultures and religions or make plans to attend a multicultural festival or concert.
  • Encourage discussion.
    Don’t shy away when kids ask tough questions about race. “You have to take an educational approach, not get anxious and realize kids are learning.”
  • Check yourself.
    Are you sending mixed messages to your children? Be mindful of how you talk about other races and cultures. If you hear anyone — a friend, relative or your own child — use derogatory or stereotypical language, speak out.

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