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The Branch Moms community was created with a single purpose. To help local moms connect and make sure they know they are never alone in this journey of motherhood!



With Naperville as a shining example of what moms can become when they connect, Dr. Cathy Subber grew The Naperville Moms Network with specialized groups, online sharing, low-cost events, playdates, endorsement and business sponsorship opportunities.

The result? Mothers have gained knowledge, friendships have formed, new chapters are opening and women-owned and kid-friendly businesses have taken off. This is a group of powerful moms dedicated to connection, meaning and purpose. And Cathy’s mission sums it up best, “To connect local moms and make sure they always have a home.”

To continue that dream, Cathy wanted to expand Naperville Moms Network to other towns. So, The Branch was born. A fitting name for what Naperville Moms Networks was always intended to be – a place for moms to “branch out” and connect. When Cathy was asked if “The Branch” were a person who would that person be? She had the perfect answer, “A big sunshine.”

We hope you see Cathy’s sunshine shining brightly as you connect and grow with The Branch. An inspired brand for local moms everywhere who are Always Invited. And always have a place to call home.

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My name is Dr. Cathy Subber and I am the owner of The Branch, a Naperville chiropractor, mom of 2 boys and overall positive thinker! I have had the honor of running Naperville Moms Network for the past 8 years and I am excited to share with you our new branding as we continue to grow! Don’t worry, not much will change in how we run things in each city/town, but our new website, events & resources will bring more content, stories, connections and smiles! Change can be weird, but it is also necessary for awesome things to happen!

Here is The Branch’s story! 19 years ago, I moved to Naperville and opened up my practice.  A tree was my first logo and, to this day, my logo has leaves in it. Dr. Jonathan Howat, the doctor that helped my son eat when he was 4 1/2 years old and trained me in his cranial adjustment that has revolutionized my work, woke up with a dream about it.

9 years ago, Kelli Thompson, our Naperville Moms Network founder, had a dream every night that she was supposed to start an online community for local moms. She felt alone in her new journey of motherhood and hoped she could help connect, support & empower moms. That she did! In 2011, Kelli and her family were transferred to Austin, TX. With tears in her eyes, she asked me if I was willing to take over NMN to continue its mission.

2019 is now upon us and the social media/mom-world has changed quite a bit. People look to moms as a source of information and knowledge in a way they haven’t before. Naperville Moms Network has been called “better than Google!” for local recommendations and has grown to over 22,000 members in the past 9 years. Oswego Moms and Plainfield Moms groups are now a part of our community, as well!

I have been through periods of my life where I didn’t know where I fit in and was pretty lonely. It’s an awful feeling. My dream has always been to connect more moms, to help support them and make sure no one feels they are alone. I was unsure how to do this as just Naperville Moms Network.

Enter Klique Creative. Last year, I joined a co-working space Downtown Naperville. I met with the owners to discuss some graphic design work and as the meeting gets started, they tell me they had a dream.

A dream about The Branch.

It is about connection and friendship and lending a hand. It is the story of Naperville Moms Network and every town and every mom that needs someone to reach out to them….with a hand, with a heart, with a branch.

I listen to dreams and I know this is mine.

So, here we are. The Branch. The place I hope helps all moms feel like someone cares, they have a voice and that they will always have a home.

I hope you will join us because you are always invited.

Dr. Cathy Subber

Owner of The Branch & Advanced Health of Naperville


We bring some sunshine to your day



Your story, your questions and your concerns are important to us. The Branch is a place to ask for local recommendations, ask for help and share your wisdom. You deserve a place to think, process, share and refresh. Think of us like going home to your favorite friend. We will always listen, always support you, always help you grow.


It is about connection and friendship and lending a hand. It is the story of The Branch and every town and every mom that needs someone to reach out to them….with a hand, with a heart, with a branch. The place that helps all moms feel like someone cares, they are not alone, they have a voice and that they will always have a home.


Our moms have started businesses, made new friendships, found the perfect solution for teething or the perfect contractor. Whatever stage, whatever age, your journey is more than yesterday and tomorrow – it’s right now! And, we are happy you are here!


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As our community continues to grow, The Branch has become one of the best places for mom, kid and family-friendly businesses to connect with local moms. Let us know if your business or organization would like to be a part of it!

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