Acceptance on World Down Syndrome Day


In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, we wanted to share something from one our of friends and members, Lauren Molloy. Her daughter, Autumn, brings smiles to all! Thanks, Lauren for sharing your words of acceptance. We know many can relate to this.


Acceptance: Everyone has the desire to be accepted and included whether you have a disability or not. I’m sure many people can relate to a time they felt isolated, and not accepted: maybe it was the time you had no one to be your locker partner, the time in gym class you were picked last, a Jr. High or HS School Dance that you weren’t included, the Neighborhood Click that didn’t invite you to that fun outing, the work group that didn’t ask you to join them in Happy Hour, it could go on and on…

But what is true is that we can all reflect back and feel that moment of wanting to be accepted and included. Let’s take those memories and use them as a learning lesson for those that aren’t just like “us”. Inclusion is contagious; we can all learn from each other.

Let’s spread Love, Acceptance, and Awareness on World Down Syndrome Day; we are all more a like than different! Differences make us unique, so having an accepting outlook will change the perception of people with disabilities.


World Down Syndrome Day was celebrated this year on Sunday, March 21st.


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