Make Way for the Puddle Parents


From tiger moms to snow plough parents it seems the moment we have our first child we are challenged with finding a balance between too much parenting and not enough parenting. Everywhere we turn there seems to be a “right” or “wrong” path on this parenthood journey.  No wonder today’s parents and kids seem to be more anxious than ever.

Well, friends, puddle parenting may be the answer for which we’ve been searching.

According to, “Puddle parents believe that their children should experience the joy of jumping in the puddles, even if it is not the path that has been forged for them. While helicopter and snow plow parents aim to keep their children away from all obstacles, puddle parents see the value in facing them. Challenges, mistakes, and failures are all a part of life, and they should not be avoided.”

Cartoonist Steven Appleby illustrated this new parenting style in a comic for The Guardian.

Are you a puddle parent?  We would love to hear how you help your children navigate challenges and mistakes.


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