Be the Dandelion


I was at the park with my 2 year old when I noticed it in a crowd of mulch. It stopped both of us in our
tracks. “What that doing here?” my son asked as he pointed downward.

Huh. Well how about that. A dandelion.

There it stood, tall and brave, yards in between the slide and the teeter totter. It looked completely out
of place, as if someone had buried and propped it just right. Yet, it was rooted and strong, growing
among all of the protective mulch.

A dandelion is tenacious. It can grow just about anywhere, regardless of soil conditions. A dandelion can
endure freezing temps, persevere through intense heat, and continue to thrive in crowds. Not much can
overpower it. Mowing over it will spread its seeds, causing it to multiply. Picking it will likely do the

It’s name translates to “lion’s tooth”, and for good reason. This is the badass of all flowers.

Having this knowledge completely changes the narrative. That weed growing in your yard is not only a
sign of spring and warm weather, but it’s a sign of strength, determination, and the perfect amount of
stubbornness. I want to be like the dandelion.

Motherhood is freaking hard. Before I became a mother, I remember thinking childbirth was going to be
the most challenging thing I’d have to do for my child. Not even close. A three day stay in the hospital
with 24 hour room service, a care team, and unlimited cable is hardly roughing it. I remember looking
forward to my next stay while pregnant with my second, knowing I wouldn’t have meals to make,
schedules to maintain, or a full load of laundry and dishes to clean. Childbirth was like a weekend
getaway compared to what happens next.

But we are built strong, mamas. We are designed to withstand the tantrums, flood of hormones, the
growing pains, and the struggles. We are not only made to survive in every situation, but to GROW. Even
when we are stepped on, emotionally beaten, and withered to the ground, our roots are strong. And the
seeds we share only make our family stronger.

So, the next time your child brings you a bouquet of lion’s teeth, remind yourself of that bright,
determined spirit deep within you. You are a badass flower.

By Gracemarie Boland
Mama, yogi, health enthusiast, and lover of all things family and the perfect glass of red

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