Keep Your Kiddie Pool Clean


Are you considering adding a pool to your summer fun this year? Whether your pool is just the right size for your toddler or big enough for the whole family, here are some tips to keep it clean (and safe!) all summer long:

Have a “Rinse Feet” Policy
Keep a small bucket near the pool where little ones can rinse their feet before jumping into the water.  This will minimize dirt and grass from getting into the pool.

Use a Skimmer Net
But, because not all grass and dirt will be kept out of the pool….get a skimmer net to scoop out dry grass, insects, and dirt that your little swimmers bring into your inflatable pool. You can find skimmer nets in most pool-care aisles, but you can also use a clean aquarium net.

Cover Your Pool at Night
One of the best ways to keep items out of the pool at night is to cover it.  But you don’t need to purchase a fancy pool cover for your inflatable pool—fitted sheets work great!

Clean It Often
Yes, even your tiny kiddie pools should be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis.  Simply dump or drain the water and wipe down the surface with a solution of bleach (or detergent) and water (read the label for the right ratio).  Rinse thoroughly and dry the inside bottom and sides with an old towel. Leave the pool in the sun for further disinfection before filling it up again.

Enjoy your summer water fun!

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