Blurred Boundaries of Work-from-Home Parents


We’re certain many of us can relate to the opening of this story from WIRED:

“It’s 10:50 am when my Apple Watch dings. I lurch unsteadily to my feet. I spent the early part of the morning in a whirlwind, dressing, feeding, and packing my 2- and 4-year-olds off to day care and preschool. Then I returned home, plopped down at my desk, and started my workday. Since 8 am, I’ve barely moved.

My smartwatch sends a reminder to stand up once an hour, but I’ve been ignoring it. Now, at its urging, I finally stop to stretch. Thoughts that I’d pushed to the back of my brain start to rebound forward: “Have I showered today? When did I last eat? I need to go to the bathroom.””

While all the advancements in technology have given us the great opportunity to enjoy more flexibility with our work environments, it sometimes makes our homes feel more like a source of stress than a welcoming haven.

We encourage you to read this piece from WIRED and let us know what tips you have for keeping the boundaries in place when you work-from-home.

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