Bonding with Grandparents Who Live Far Away


During this time of the year, family becomes even more of a priority and even if family members are unable to get together in person, this is a great time of year to begin creating those virtual bonds—especially with grandparents.

There is nothing quite like the bond between a child and his/her grandparent. “They’re uniquely qualified to be friends, mentors, and guides, offering a sense of connection and tradition,” says a recent post from Bright Horizons.

Here are some ways your child can bond with his or her grandparents even if they live far away:

Use Technology
From FaceTime to Skype, being able to see grandparents makes the interaction more concrete.  During the holidays, use these platforms to show your child opening a gift or sharing a special holiday moment.

Send a Postcard or Artwork
Yes, holiday cards are great, but consider sending a postcard from someplace you recently visited—even if it’s local to you it isn’t to the grandparents—or have your child create a special piece of artwork to share.  It’s also fun when grandparents reciprocate—sending a postcard from places they are visiting.

Capture It on Video
In addition to sharing photos, consider recording grandparents reading a Christmas story or video those special holiday moments such as baking cookies or coming down the stairs on Christmas morning.

Create a Virtual Tradition
Establish special traditions via phone such as scheduling calls during Sunday morning breakfasts in December or during Christmas Eve night.

Bright Horizons share more great bonding ideas—including what children of all ages can do with their grandparents during visits.  Click here to visit the website.

Regardless of grandparents living close or far away, using the holiday season as an opportunity to solidify those bonds will help you develop traditions that will last a lifetime.

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