Bonding with Grandparents Who Live Far Away


If you’re fortunate enough to have grandparents in your children’s lives, then you know there is nothing quite like the bond between a child and his/her grandparent. They can serve as friends, mentors, guides, and offer a sense of connection and links to tradition.

While some grandparents live just a few miles away, others are a long drive or even a plane ride distance. If your situation is the latter, here are some ways your child can bond with his or her grandparents even if they live far away:

Use Technology
From FaceTime to Skype to Zoom, being able to see grandparents makes the interaction more concrete. Did they send your child a gift? Use these platforms to show your child opening it. If your child is going to be in a band or choir concert, go ahead and have them do a mini-performance virtually. You can even have meals together virtually. It’s not the same as being able to touch, but both parties will still appreciate the connection.

Send a Postcard or Artwork
Consider sending a postcard from someplace you recently visited—even if it’s local to you it isn’t to the grandparents—or have your child create a special piece of artwork to share.  It’s also fun when grandparents reciprocate—sending a postcard from places they are visiting. Why not introduce the idea of penpals? Your child is never too young to have their own email address (parent monitored of course). It will also offer children time to practice their writing skills. Win-win!

Capture It on Video
In addition to sharing photos, consider recording grandparents reading a story or record special moments like baking cookies or singing songs. Send them a video of your child’s most recent basketball game highlights or dance recital. It will help them feel connected to what’s going on in your children’s lives.

Create a Virtual Tradition
Establish special traditions via phone such as scheduling calls during Sunday morning breakfasts. Kids and grandparents alike love traditions. Maybe the first Saturday night of the month is virtual game night. Whatever it is, your kids are sure to remember those moments.

What can children of all ages do with their grandparents? Check out additional ideas here.

Regardless of grandparents living close or far away, it’s important to solidify those bonds and will help you develop traditions that will last a lifetime.

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