I”MMErsion Speech Therapy, LLC.

24924 Thornberry Dr. Plainfield, IL 60544 (630) 212-2712 www.immersionspeechtherapy.com

Doctors & Therapists

I’MMErsion Speech Therapy, LLC. is a private practice which provides speech and language services to toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children and adolescents with speech and language needs in the Southwest Suburbs and Chicagoland area.

We provide Diagnostic Evaluations to assess and determine the child’s current speech and language skills. At the conclusion of the Diagnostic Evaluation, recommendations and/or treatment plans are individualized and customized to meet the child’s needs.

Individual Therapy sessions and Small Group Therapy sessions are available. Individual Therapy is conducted in the child’s home in order to continually foster greater family-interactions and promote positive collaborations between the speech-language professional and the child’s family. Small Group Therapy sessions are intensive weekly sessions that are offered seasonally in the areas of Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Phonological Speech Disorders. Small Group Therapy sessions not only focus on increasing the child’s skills but also integrates daily parent guidance to support their child’s skills at home.

Speech and Language Screenings are also available. A Screening may be sought should families have concerns of their child’s speech and language development and are unsure if a speech and language evaluation is warranted.

I’MMErsion Speech Therapy, LLC., embodies a long-standing commitment to the profession and the lives of children with mild to profound speech and language delays. Skills and knowledge of the speech-language pathologist(s) within the practice have emerged from professional experience expanding across both school and university settings. Our history includes experience of many years of providing services at the district level, teaching in university settings and preparing future speech-language pathologists in the field, to presentations of research at various state and national conventions. At I’MMErsion Speech Therapy, LLC., we recognize that knowledge for clinical decisions and effective services are fundamental, so we pride ourselves in the commitment to life-long learning in order to better serve our children and families. With I’MMErsion Speech Therapy, LLC., “I’MME” personifies and highlights the center of our passion and motivation: our children.

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