Colors Move Us!



Have you ever wondered why one color catches your attention more than another? Have you noticed your tendency to choose a specific shade? Have you started to analyze your favorite spaces and the colors they include?

My name is Patricia Nunez  and I am a psychologist by profession and an artist at heart.

Let’s pause for you to look around… Look at your clothes, the room you are in, curtains, walls, carpets and accessories… how does this space make you feel?

I have always found it very interesting to know more about this topic from the psychological and artistic point of view. I have read a lot about it, and I’d like to share the information with you!

It has been scientifically proven that colors affect our emotions and also our decisions.

Researchers have developed a whole field of study dedicated to investigating the way in which colors influence us. The colors we see in our environment, house, street, clothing and even food, have a great impact on our psychology and therefore on our state of mind or decision making. It is important to clarify that depending on the culture, the interpretation of colors may vary, but in Western societies, this is usually the meaning that relates to each of them:

  • RED: danger, passion
  • YELLOW: happiness, wealth
  • GREEN: freshness, nature, hope
  • BLUE: Tranquility, confidence, purity
  • ORANGE: action, enthusiasm, exaltation
  • PURPLE: sophistication, elegance, glamour
  • BROWN: simplicity, related to elements of the earth, rustic
  • BLACK: mystic, elegant
  • WHITE: pure, peaceful, related to goodness, innocence
  • GREY: passivity, mediocrity, low mood
  • PINK: kind, feminine, loving
  • TURQUOISE: creativity, good fortune, loyalty, intuition


Now tell me, what colors are usually your favorites? Are you aware of the emotion you are causing when usingthem? Is that really the energy you want to generate in your home or the vibe you want to transmit?

If you need energy, read the list again. If what you are looking for is more peace, use the colors to your advantage.

I confess that when I started painting I noticed that I had a strong inclination to use blue and turquoise tones. In fact, you can notice it in all of my collections. At first, I did not identify what the reason was, but later, I realized that it was a need to contact my quiet part, seeking peace and harmony in my life.

We women constantly seek our own family and social balance through different means. As a psychologist, in my office I was able to constantly see this. There are thousands of techniques and strategies, but color is one more resource that we can use to our advantage, the perfect ally to create warm and friendly environments. Why not take advantage of it?

In short, there are undoubtedly colors with which we identify more. However, what I want to emphasize for the moment, is the importance of having around us those colors that generate harmony between what we are and what we need.

I remember a couple of years ago, a friend asked me to paint a picture with very bright and vivid colors, beautiful colors that I was unable to flow with at that time. It was a forced process as these were not the tones I was vibrating with… interesting right? Has it happened to you that you reject any color for seemingly unknown reasons?

The same happens when you choose a new sweater, a cushion or a vase for your house. Some things catch your attention, some things you seek to have near you or around you.

My recommendation

Consciously choose the color that you are integrating into your space since it will influence the way you feel and also that of your loved ones. Be especially careful with  long-term objects in your home such as curtains, armchairs, art,  color of walls and rugs … since you will be influenced by the emotions related to that tone for several months or years.  Take control and invest in colors-emotions that you want to experience daily.

Trust your intuition and use it to your advantage! Inject color, love, seek positive emotions, choose with intention and awareness

As an artist, my style has not been to create portraits or realistic figures;  I paint those emotions that I like to feel in the living room or in the bedroom. The ones I would like to perceive when I play with my daughters, when I spend time as a couple or as a family.  Each room has a purpose: rest, coexist, create, nourish, etc …

Let us become aware of what surrounds us, how it makes us feel and what we can do so that everything we do and choose is related to our  intentions and desires.


Pat Nunez was born and raised in Mexico City.  She is a wife and mother to two girls. She was interested in understanding human behavior and became a practicing psychologist for ten years. After moving to Chicago in 2016, she pursued her passion of painting more and combined the two: psychology and art. You can see more of her  art at




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