Color Run

May 10, 2019

5:00 pm -

Beebe Elementary School 110 E. 11th Ave, Naperville

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Would you like to help with this fun event? It’s the last one and we promise it won’t take much time. Here are some opportunities:

Course Marshalls at the event – You will be stationed along the run courses and your job is to make sure our runners are safe, that they stay on course and know where to go ( MAX time commitment: 20 minutes).

Set up- Please help us set up the finish line, mark the run course with sidewalk chalk, put up banners and posters, set up tables, etc. (MAX time commitment: 2 hours, however, we will take any help we can get, even if you have 20 minutes)

T-shirt sorting- sorting the Color Run t-shirt orders by family and teacher to be distributed to the classes prior to the event (MAX time commitment: 1 hour, many hands make light work depending on the number of generous volunteers this could go quickly)

Color sorting/ distributing at Event- Cutting open the bags of color, some guarding of the precious color so it’s not released early and passing out just before the Big Hurrah (MAX time commitment: 20 minutes)

Tear Down/ Clean up – we appreciate everyone doing their best to clean up after themselves however we will need to take everything down. Again, many hands make light work, we will take any help we can get. (MAX time commitment : 1 hour)

Donations needed!
We appreciate your continued generosity. For our students post run, could you donate one of the following:

Bottled Water
Pretzels, granola bars (looking for healthier snacks for this event)

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