Special Event

Organic Garden Classes, Flower & Vegetable Gardens

March 2, 2023

7:00 pm -

Woodridge Park District 2600 Center Dr., Woodridge

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Interested in getting started in organic gardening but don’t know where to start? Want to improve your gardening skills for a better harvest and healthy garden? This lecture will cover garden planning, what to grow, heirloom varieties, organic produce, plant selection, seed starting, companion plantings, soil health, composting, harvesting, preservation, winter planning, and extended season gardens. This class is free and open to new or non-members of the Woodridge Garden Club.
About the Speaker:
Veronica Porter is a master of organic farming and gardening. She was born and raised in Naperville and is a third generation organic farmer, chef and food educator for home and garden. She hosts classes on organic gardening, planning and caring for your garden, permaculture methods for sustainable and regenerative growing practices, composting, children/school gardens and working with developmentally disadvantaged individuals, including Veterans with PTSD and TBI. She is a board member for the Illinois Farmer Veterans Alliance Advisory Board and a member of Homegrown by Heroes and the National Veteran Farmers Coalition. She is featured in print, social media, radio and television.
Contact Janet Simpson at (630) 881-9012 for more information.

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