Special Event

Self Defense Workshop for Women

February 16, 2020

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

The Krav Gym 485 W. Boughton Road, Bolingbrook

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This self-defense seminar is specially tailored to women. Taught by a former police chief, it will teach situational awareness and moves to prevent a personal attack.  When? February 16 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Where? The Krav Gym, 485 W. Boughton Road in Bolingbrook.

Ray McGury, former Bolingbrook Police Chief and fitness enthusiast, will be presenting the two-hour class that will teach women how to avoid confrontations and assaults. The cost of the class is $20 and the proceeds will go to Guardian Angel Community Services.

“Almost every day, we hear about a woman who is the victim of some type of confrontation or attack,” McGury said. “Sadly, many of these situations end tragically. This class will empower women to protect themselves by enhancing awareness of their surroundings and learning key self-defense techniques.”

The class will begin with a 30-minute discussion about situational awareness, which is an important foundation for personal safety. Tips for recognizing and mitigating any potential threatening conditions will be shared. The last 90 minutes of the class will include hands-on   self-defense instruction by certified instructors from Krav Gym.

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