Feng Shui in the New Year


With a new year inevitably comes the desire for a bit of change. Some focus on themselves and improving their health, while others make more efforts in their career. At the start of the year you might have the desire to change up your home interior environment. More people today than ever are turning to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui when looking for new design inspiration. 


“Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing your home with nature.” According to Forbes, a quick Amazon search turns up 75 pages of English language books on this subject. Google holds 128 million feng shui search results. So clearly there’s strong interest in its potential to enchance living spaces. So what are some of the benefits to considering feng shui this year? We’ve turned to fengshuinexus.com for some answers.


    • Wealth: In Asia, Feng Shui is most commonly used to attract wealth. Many business use it, and most tycoons seek help in this area, discreetly or openly. For residential Feng Shui, some wealth enhancements used include the use of water features such as fish tanks. 
    • Love: A powerful tip for singles to attract love is to place fresh flowers in your Peach Blossom area. That area differs by a person’s year of birth. See tip #26 from this list of Feng Shui love tips for more information on Peach Blossom position and for other Feng Shui love tips.
    • Health: Proper Feng Shui can greatly improve your health. (This doesn’t mean you can neglect exercise, proper food, or sleep) Feng Shui for health is mostly used for the sickened or elderly. The Health area, which is based on a person’s Kua influences a person’s health. This is different for everyone. Try placing your bedroom in that area of your house or at least face your bed in that direction. 
    • Fertility: In Feng Shui, the three most important areas to look at are the kitchen, front door, and bedroom. For married couples, the kitchen and front door’s Feng Shui should be adjusted according to the husband or the breadwinner. The bedroom’s Feng Shui, on the other hand, should be adjusted according to the female/wife. One reason for this is to help the wife conceive. When using Feng Shui for fertility, the bedroom needs to be at her Prosperity area (Sheng Chi). 
    • Energy and Motivation: The Obstacles area (Huo Hai) based on a person’s Kua influences the energy and motivation level of a person. Just like other unlucky areas, the Obstacles area is more suitable for kitchen, restroom, or storage areas. On the other hand, bedroom or study room in your Prosperity Area (Shen Chi) can help increase your energy and motivation. Another way to increase motivation (and creativity) is to place big plants in the Eastern area of your home. This is because East in the Bagua belongs to the element of wood.
    • Temper: Several Feng Shui factors can influence your temper. One is where your bedroom door is facing the kitchen. The fire, cooking, and human traffic along the kitchen area will disrupt the peace and quietness needed for your bedroom. Second, if the kitchen stove is within 15 degrees in the Southern area of your house, you may experience social and temper problems. Proper Feng Shui cures can neutralize these negative influences.
    • Business: Each of the four lucky areas based on your Kua has its own unique benefits to different types of business and industry. If you’re looking to start a business, make good use of your Prosperity area (Sheng Chi). Your Health area (Tien Yi) is suitable for industries such as medicine, health, insurance, or realtor. Your Longevity  area (Yan Nien) has a broad use, and is suitable for various industries including literature, arts, design, sales, and public relations. Finally, your Stability area (Fu Wei) is suitable for industries such as beauty, cosmetics, and fashion.
    • Emotional Health: Using the Bagua, a concaved or missing Southwest area can cause depression, along with many other problems. Also, your Total Loss area (Jue Ming) can also bring the same effect depending on where it’s located in your house. Decluttering also brings significant benefits.


The Feng Shui rules mentioned above are not comprehensive. There is really no generic approach to Feng Shui because there are countless variations when we factor in the house, the occupant(s), and time.If you are serious about using Feng Shui to improve your life, you really need to work with a Feng Shui consultant for specific solutions and remedies.


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