Finding Connection Through Grief


Many of you know me as a mom, a friend, and a photographer, but I wanted to introduce myself with one of the other hats that I wear daily. I am a griever too! I have been an orphan most of my life. My mom passed away of a sudden heart attack, and then my father years later of Brain Cancer. Two years ago, I lost a child. My world has been forever changed. All four of my grandparents are also gone.


There are so many people who have lost someone close to them. The loss and empty feelings of their passing never leave you; it is a constant hole in your heart. The only thing I know for sure is that life goes on and we all grieve differently.


My children will never get to meet these great people, and some children lose the great people they’ve loved their whole lives.


It has been really important to me to find a way to create a meaningful connection between my children and my lost loved ones since they have passed on. I decided to write a children’s book to read with them that can create the opportunity for us to talk about my parents and how they are still in our lives and hearts. Now that it is finished, I’m hoping this book can help other families as well.


In my heart of hearts I believe this can have a huge impact on families. I do hope that others find this helpful for their children.

Amy started writing when she was a young girl. Her passion for storytelling through words and her photography has been a constant in her life. Since having children, her talent has blossomed into an abundance of creative outlets including her ability to design unique and personalized things for her family and friends. 

Reading, collecting children’s books, enjoying nature, completing DIY projects, reading to her boys, and spending time with family and friends are just a few of the many things that feed her soul. 

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