First Day of School Jitters


I’m anxious, nervous, excited, hopeful…and I’m not even the one entering a classroom. As a mom of four kids, each entering a different phase of their education, I have so many thoughts running through my head-I’m exhausted.


My oldest is starting high school…how did that happen already?! And he’s fine…he’s taking everything in stride. “I’ll just figure it out, Mom,” is a recurring phrase I hear out of his mouth. But will he?! I’m freaking out!! The school is huge, his locker is nowhere near his classes, he can eat off campus (what?), he had to pre-read a book for English class (which he has still not finished with T-minus one day to go), and he’s FINE. These kids today are so much more put together than I was back in the day. I was searching out buddies for every period of the day, practicing combination locks in my sleep, picking out the perfect outfits, and he’s just going to “figure it out.” So I’ll set my anxiety aside and let the excitement start to build. What an adventure high school will be!


My second son is starting middle school. New school, new friends, new routine. His elementary school buddies are all on a different “team,” which made him a little sad and apprehensive about starting. Naturally he’s a little nervous, which of course makes me nervous. But I know he’ll do great. He’s friendly, kind, smart…all the tools he needs to be successful. I can’t wait to see what great things he accomplishes in junior high.


And my twins start fourth grade. Although I feel like they should get a re-do for second and third grades because of these terrible Covid years, I have to admit to myself that they really are fourth graders.They are excited to go back to their classrooms and see their friends. And their excitement makes me excited. Let’s get back in that classroom and do great things! And I’m hopeful that some of the lost time can be made up.


So on the first day of school, I’ll put all my fears and nervousness to the side and just be excited that my kids are going back into the school building after two very crazy years. They NEED to be there; they THRIVE there.


Wishing all the parents out there a safe, in-tact, continuous school year! And hopefully we will all “figure it out” together.


Robin is a stay-at-home mom of four and resides in Lisle. When she’s not driving her kids all around town, she’s volunteering at the schools and church. 

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