First Trimester as a First-Time Mom


Dr. Claire Tambellini of Advanced Health of Naperville, who is expecting her first child this fall, is sharing her pregnancy journey with us. 

I want to start by saying this has been the biggest blessing and most exciting time of my entire life. With that being said, the first trimester can be hard! You are growing this tiny human inside of you with the stress of wondering if everything will be okay, worrying if every ache and pain is normal, and for many people trying to hide symptoms that are, quite frankly, difficult to hide! I wanted to share my biggest takeaways with you to hopefully let other first-time moms (or second, or third…) know that you aren’t alone.

  1. Your doctor/midwife/doula does NOT get frustrated with the list of questions you bring in to your visits, or for emailing them on MyChart, or for calling the nurse because you are worried something is wrong. Pregnancy can be scary, especially if it is your first time. Always remember it is your body and your baby, you have every right to question things that worry you. Don’t sit there in fear when you have a great resource a phone call away!
  2. No question is “TMI” or “weird” because, honestly, pregnancy is weird! Ask anything and everything you want, and do NOT feel uncomfortable about doing so. I was so nervous to ask some of the more personal questions my first and second visits, but then I would leave the office and google things. I know google isn’t always a reliable source. But, sometimes it is! 😊. At the end of the day, though, your provider is the best resource for you because they know your health history!
  3. Every pregnancy is different. If you aren’t experiencing a symptom that your friend is, try not to stress, and if you are stressing, call your doctor! I only had nausea for about two weeks in my first trimester (I know, I was lucky!), but I worried myself every day that something was wrong because I didn’t have that “common” symptom.
  4. Find a support system. I waited until my 12-week ultrasound to “announce” the pregnancy, but told a few of my close friends, my parents and my husband’s parents, as well as work! My husband has been great and so incredibly supportive, but I felt that I wanted another female to talk to about these changes happening to my body with because they could relate having been through it. This is YOUR choice and you are not wrong no matter what you choose.
  5. In addition to the usual “newly-pregnant” worries that a mom-to-be has, I am in my first trimester during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am doing my best not to let this additional worry overwhelm me. I am listening to my doctor’s advice to use caution when leaving the house, washing my hands and not touching my face, and following the CDC recommendations. With that being said, I am not being truthful to say it doesn’t add some stress during this time.

Of course, the first trimester can be stressful, but it is also so exciting at the same time! Try to enjoy it and know that the second trimester is known to bring a boost in energy levels, decrease (for some) in nausea symptoms, and you’re another trimester closer to meeting your little one! Congratulations!

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