Galentine’s Day Party Ideas That You and Your Friends Will LOVE


If you are looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends this year, check out some of our favorite party ideas inspired by our friends at Good Housekeeping. They never disappoint when it comes to offering ideas for food, games and activities that your girlfriends are sure to love.


Our top 10 ideas for 2022 are:


  1. Spa Day: Spa days can be essential to your mental and physical well-being. Host an at-home spa party or plan a trip to the spa with your girls for the day.


  1. Wine Swap: This BYOB event is creative and fun, especially for any wine lovers. Let your friends bring their favorite wine (reds, bubbly or whites) and let the taste test begin. You can even have guests bring two bottles of the same kind, so you can raffle off a few at the end of the night.


  1. DIY Planter Party: Plant lovers will love the idea of a planter party. It’s an easy and engaging craft that will leave everyone with a gift to bring home.


  1. Puppy Play Date: Invite your friends over for a doggie play date. Dogs are the kings and queens of cuddles and affection. Hosting an at-home play date will bring smiles to everyone’s faces.


  1. Group Fitness Class: Working out can bring people together. What better way to get everyone’s blood pumping than with a group fitness class? You can host this in your home or book a space or class. Some V-Day options include pole dancing, aerial hoop and silk classes.


  1. Romantic Book Club: Calling all book lovers!Host a book club party, where you all gather in your home to swap and read your favorite romantic books. During the celebration, you can discuss what you love about your chosen novels and the aspects you’d like to implement into your own romantic life.


  1. Paint and Sip: Painting and sipping are two things that instantly mix. While you can book a space for this event (we have a few wonderful local spots!), you can also gather your own materials and have your friends bring their favorite drinks for an at-home art session.


  1. Game Night: Playing games can keep the party engaging. You can create your own games, such as Valentine’s Day Family Feud or a V-Day scavenger hunt. You can even purchase a classic (such asFriend or Faux).


  1. Rom-Com Movie Night: Gather your girls together for a night of binge-watching yourfavorite romantic movies. There are plenty of options to keep your night going (including the heartfelt yet ill-fated love story of Jack and Rose from The Titanic)


  1. Weekend Getaway: If you can swing it, road trips and weekend getaways are a great way to leave any stress from work and everyday duties behind (at least for a few days). Book a girls’ trip and enjoy an eventful celebration worth remembering.


For a link to this article along with TWENTY additional ideas, click HERE.

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