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Home improvement projects are usually at the top of every spring-cleaning checklist, and why not? A change in season is a great opportunity to assess any damage or wear that may have occurred over the winter months and a great excuse to get our spaces ready for warmer, sunnier days.

To make sure your spring home “to-do” list isn’t overwhelming, Harmonic Home Services has provided us with the ultimate Spring Home Improvement Checklist:

  • Check your outside hoses. To prevent leaks and other damage to your home, look for cracks, splits, rust, or signs of leaks where the hose attaches to the spigot. If the water was shut off for the winter, make sure that the water shut-off valve is OPEN to allow water flow.

  • Make sure all gutters and downspouts are free of debris to avoid clogs during heavy rains. Use rocks or stones to prevent erosion of grass, soil, or mulch.

  • Inspect all outdoor lighting fixtures. In addition to checking for signs of damage, wear, and tear from animals, as well as replacing light bulbs as needed. You also will want to test your Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFI) outlets. Do this by pressing the “Test” button and resetting it by simultaneously pushing both buttons for 3 seconds. Ensure all outlets with a connection to this breaker will turn off when pressed; if not, this could indicate an issue with the wiring connections. Call a licensed electrician (like Harmonic) immediately.

  • Look for signs of damage to the roof from winter weather, like windows and doors. This includes checking for roof leaks that may have gone undetected during the colder months and examining windows and doors for cracks or breaks. Make sure all windows and doors close and lock, especially if you have added new screens.

  • Flush your hot water heater. Drain and flush your water heater to flush out minerals and sediment that have accumulated in the bottom of the tank, making your water heater more efficient and effective. You should also flush out the water heater in the fall as well.

  • Check indoor spaces. In addition to your hot water heater, there are a few other things you need to check inside, including fire alarms, sump pumps, and ceiling fans. Note that your ceiling fan direction should be counterclockwise for the warmer months, which will help to keep the room cooler.

  • Do a little AC maintenance. Don’t wait for the first hot day to think about your air conditioner. Inspect the inside and outside panels, clean the outdoor unit (look for rodent damage–or rodents in general!), change the filter (on your furnace, too), check the vents and wires, and turn the system on. Now is the time to fix whatever isn’t working right.

Keep your indoor air quality in mind as you turn on the AC and fans. Consider investing in a good air purifier or dehumidifier in addition to regularly changing filters and keeping dust off vents and fan blades. You can also add indoor air cleaners to your HVAC system, which can be programmed into your smart thermostat.

For more great spring home improvement tips and questions, visit Harmonic Home Services.

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