Gift Ideas For Your Pets


Does anyone else hang a stocking up for their four-legged children? Well, if you do, you’re in good company. According to PR Newswire, while only 19% of respondents surveyed  said they will be purchasing a gift for their in-laws, 34% of dog owners said their dogs will be receiving a present this year. Meanwhile, 22% of cats can expect presents under the tree. If you’re in that growing number of pet-owners who want to gift something to their Fido or Schnukums, here is a list of great ideas to place in their stocking, underneath the tree, or really for any occasion!

Our friends at Country Living came up with a list of 32 of their best pet gift ideas for your four-legged friend. We’ve narrowed it down to our top 10, but if you’d like to see the complete list, click HERE.


  1. Dog DNA Test: With so many people adopting, particularly over the past three years, your pet’s breed may have been unknown. For example, you might’ve thought you were getting a 15 pound adult dog, but they turned out to be closer to 50 pounds. What is their pedigree? Well, you can test it! . If you’ve ever wondered about Fido’s pedigree, a DNA test can help you figure out your furry friend’s heritage.
  2. Smart Dog Collar: Tech isn’t just for our children anymore. It’s for everyone! Help keep your favorite pooch healthy and happy with this tech-y collar that comes complete with a GPS tracker and an activity monitor.  
  3. Airline Compliant Pet Carrier: Is your pet a jet-setter? Adventurous pets can travel securely in the safety of an airline compliant carrier, with a super-sturdy fabric body and handles and a strap (which doubles as a leash) made from mountain climbing rope. 
  4. Custom Pet Portrait: Whether your pet has crossed the rainbow bridge or is still with you, a pet portrait can be a great addition to your home. A great gift to your pet-obsessed friend (or, ahem, yourself) a custom pet portrait is a sweet homage to their best buddy. 
  5. Treats: Try freeze-dried treats appropriate for BOTH your cat AND dog. Look for  single-ingredient treats made of freeze-fried chicken breast that are perfect for dogs and cats alike, making them the perfect solution to your mixed-species household. 
  6. Coat/Sweater: It’s cold out there! The most pampered pup deserves the softest of dog sweaters. Go ahead and spoil them with a luxurious fabric to keep them cozy all winter long. 
  7. Heated Cat Bed: Give kitty a warm place to curl up with a heated and hooded bed. They spend so much of their day napping, make it cute and cozy for them. 
  8. Cat Water Fountain: Some cats will ignore a plain water bowl, so keep things interesting for all involved with a beautiful ceramic fountain.  
  9. Pet Shower Attachment: Look for a handy shower wand that can attach to your shower or a garden hose, specially designed to make bath time easier and speedier, even on pups with thick coats.
  10. Stylish Waste Dispenser: Ok, this might be more for the owner, but keep things posh with a cute waste dispenser like one with a floral pattern. 

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