Granny Chic?


When it comes to home decor trends, we’re seeing a movement from farmhouse to granny chic. Out with the shiplap and wooden signs and in with vintage patterns and a nod to years long ago. According to the architectural and design site, Cubicoon, Granny Chic weaves together traditional elements and modern designs to create an eclectic look that still feels homey and approachable. It is the modern revival of the traditional design in a way that has elegance but with a bolder, quirkier twist. 

Designs that have previously seemed dated are being revamped with modern touches, creating an eclectic mix of bold mid-century decor and clean contemporary finishes that’s as inviting as it is chic.

Here are a few ways to incorporate this trend into your home decor:

  • A Warm Tone Color Palette: Think mustard and golden yellows, deep blue-greens, and warm olive–comforting colors that create depth and contrast to accent your room. Warm colors give a safe, cozy feeling to your space. 


  • Mid-Century Inspired Furniture: Modernized furniture from the 60’s and 70’s adds a sleek retro edge to any room. Furniture pieces in this style feature simple geometric lines with mixed materials.


  • Everything Floral: Floral paintings mixed with dried botanicals and floral prints is a hallmark of the “granny chic” look.


  • Comfortable Seating: “Granny chic” seating is all about bringing back a cozy, family gathering space. The focus is on wide seats and comfortable cushions. Bold, overscale prints and padded leather accent seating with an authentically vintage feel. Overstuffed ottomans and contrasting textural pillows further add comfort to in-style living.


  • Thrift Finds and Antiques: Mimicking the aesthetic of updated antique and thrift-store furniture, retro-reproductions with modern paint and finishes have grown in popularity. Without these more broadly vintage and unabashedly retro pieces, there would be no “granny” in “granny chic.”


  • Gold, Brass, and Bronze: Gold has a timeless, nostalgic feel that is forever associated with the luster of the past. What better way to relive the golden years than with a gold-accented present?


Whatever your aesthetic is, go big and embrace it! Use ideas as inspiration and let your creativity take over.

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