Habits to Make You a More Peaceful Parent


If we have learned anything in 2020 it is that life can be pretty unpredictable, testing our emotions.  We know we should breathe deep and count to ten, but in the midst of a meltdown (ours or our kids), we tend to forget all that we know to be true.

According to Motherly, we need to break that habit and train our mind BEFORE chaos strikes.  Here are their 5 suggestions to cultivate patience and become the peaceful mama:

Start 15 minutes early
Whether it’s bedtime, mornings or homework, plan to start 15 minutes early.  When we give ourselves a buffer, we don’t put the added pressure of feeling late and delayed on our shoulders. In addition, that extra buffer of time allows us to be more patient should an expected even arise.

Don’t multitask
Being fully present and “all there” with your children eliminates being stuck in our mind and allows us to fully enter what’s happening in this moment.

Breathe together
Instead of trying to talk and rationalize with your child in the midst of chaos, just breathe together. Try this breathing technique: Breathe in through your nose for four counts, hold the breath for a heartbeat and exhale the breathe through your mouth for eight counts slowly.

Take a break and let them know you love them
Just let your little ones know that you need a break and preferably let them watch you breathe it out or do jumping jacks or whatever you need to feel centered. And as quickly as you feel calm, reconnect with your little one so you can compassionately help them through their feelings too.

Take peaceful pauses
Transforming daily mindless routines like brushing your teeth, opening the car door or sipping your cup of tea are all opportunities to infuse taking a peaceful pause. When we focus on infusing as little as one minute of peaceful resets throughout our day, we have a huge peacefulness reserve when a challenging situation hits.

You can read more great tips here.

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