Headed to the Beach? Here’s What to Pack

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If your end-of-summer plans include a quick trip to a beach, our partners at Bright Horizons share what items every family should bring for a great day of fun in the sun.

  1. A beach bag.  Be sure it’s big enough to pack all of your needs, and durable enough to withstand the elements. A bag with pockets so you can separate wet, dry, and sandy items will help keep you organized.
  2. The necessities. Gather chairs for everyone, towels, plenty of sunscreen, a first aid kit, a beach umbrella, swim goggles, hats, and sunglasses.
  3. A beach towel or picnic blanket.  You can even find lightweight blankets that fold up to the size of a laptop and include a strap and pocket to hold a few small items (such as sunscreen and a wallet).
  4. A potty seat. It’s hard to know whether the public restrooms will be open — and this can’t be a “wait and see” situation. Consider investing in a folding travel potty and bringing it along.
  5. Good sun coverage. Not only will a tent provide shade, it’s a great place for the younger kids to nap and play…and it can give them the privacy to use the potty, too. A beach umbrella is a great idea, too, if you want to be in the shade, but still be able to soak in all the beach has to offer.
  6. A variety of beach toys.  Think about bringing items your child can use to scoop and play with sand and water (cups, large spoons, a funnel, and more). Bring waterproof figurines — people, animals, etc. — and add them to sand castles.
  7. Beach goggles. Salt water is no fun on the eyes, so get a pair of goggles specifically for the beach and keep them in the beach bag.
  8. An easy lunch set up. Avoid sandy sandwiches by bringing — and eating at — small portable beach tables.
  9. Swim diapers. Reusable? Disposable? Both? Whichever option you go with, layer a regular diaper over the swim diaper until you get to your destination.
  10. Beach snacks. A well-stocked cooler is a must, especially since beach snack shacks and nearby restaurants may not be open. Make sure the kids have plenty of water — fill big water bottles and pack them with ice before you leave the house. Fill the cooler with sliced oranges, apples, cheese sticks, grapes, juice pops, chips, premade sandwiches, and more.

What is your must-have item for a day at the beach?

Click here to read the entire article—which also includes beach safety tips and beach activities for kids.


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