How to Help New Moms


The Branch community is fantastic.  Just take a look at one of our Facebook communities and see what happens when a mom asks for help—whether that is just finding a great place to order gluten-free pizza or looking for a new pediatrician.  Whatever the “ask,” our community is there with great advice and support.

Which is why we wanted to share this article from Cupcakes and Cashmere which gives us 17 very practical ways we can support a new mom—regardless if she lives next door or is clear across the country. These suggestions have stood the test of time. Here are some of the tips we loved:

Help around the House
Whether it is stopping by to put dishes in the dishwasher or just to hold the baby so the new mama can finally take a shower if you can help around the house, do it. It isn’t just nice to get some of these tasks off of her list (and let her sleep!) but being a new mom at home can also be a little lonely.  “Keeping her company, in general, is nice as it does get lonely during the day and adult conversation is most welcome,” says Cari M.

Live out of town? Purchase a gift certificate to a house cleaning service or landscaping company—allowing her to make the appointments when it is most convenient.

Swing by with Groceries
Although numerous services will bring you pretty much anything you need at any time, new moms often do not have the time to plan or schedule meals and food shopping. Even if you live across the country, you can hop online and place a grocery order for delivery (be sure to check with mom first about delivery time!).  If you’re in town, offer to pick up her online orders or just stop by with a couple of bags of groceries filled with ingredients for easy and healthy meals and snacks.

And while freezer meals are always appreciated, think outside of the dinner box.  Consider chopping up fresh fruits and veggies she can toss into a salad or meal or put together pre-made lunches for her and any older kids that may be at home.  “Someone dropped off breakfast food once, and I thought that was so creative, “ said Kara S.

Pamper Her
Spa gift certificates are great, but what if the new mom isn’t quite ready to leave the house? Put together a “pamper-me” care package filled with face masks, essential oils, and nail polish or give her a gift certificate to Soothe. “It’s an app that’s basically Uber for massages, and they come to your home, “ says Andrea B. Be sure to offer to spend time the baby so she can truly enjoy the experience.

The article is filled with many other great ideas to help new moms—you can read it here.

What was one thing someone did for you as a new mom that made such a big difference?


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