How to Keep Everyone Cool on Hot Days


We’re getting ready for a steady stream of hot days here in the ‘burbs and other than heading to the pool, how will you keep your kids cool and entertained?  Here are some fun ideas we found around the web:

Make Some Fun Popsicles
Nothing beats the heat better than a frozen treat right from the freezer.  Instead of just picking up a box or two from the store, why not grab the kids and make your own fun creations in the kitchen? There are some great recipes out there for popsicles filled with everything from gummy bears to peanut butter(which would make a fun, cool breakfast treat!).

Hose Limbo
Who doesn’t love a good limbo?  Turn up the music and use your hose as the “bar”that kids have to get under.  This is especially great for the littlest kids of the bunch—they can always get lower than everyone elseJ

Water Balloon Baseball
While it may be too hot to play regular baseball, your little sports fans will love this version: water balloon baseball. Instead of running the bases, see how many water balloons your kids can hit with a wiffla ball bat. Not into baseball?  Play lacrosse catch with water balloons, see how many water balloons you can kick into the soccer goal or hit over the net with a tennis racket—you get the idea!

Marco Polo—Without a Pool
A great twist on this traditional pool game from  Blindfold the person who is “It” (or just have them keep their eyes closed) and arm them with a squirt gun.  After counting to 10, the person who is “It” calls “Marco” and the other players respond “Polo” while moving around the yard.  When a player is hit with water, they become “It”

Create an Ice Cube Necklace
LOVE this idea—it’s crafty and cool!.  All you need is a little sequins, an ice cube tray, and some embroidery floss.  Put the sequins in the ice cube tray, fill it with water, and place the floss over the tray making sure it is covered with water in every compartment.  Once it is frozen, you will have a beautiful necklace that will keep you cool. “You could use any kind of material you want,” says Ann Maes of Little Worlds Big Adventures.

Let us know how you and your kids are staying cool this week!  Share your ideas and photos with us.


Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

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