How to Make Weeknight Family Dinners Easier


If the thought of adding a family dinner to the busy weekday schedule seems overwhelming, we understand. For many parents, weeknight family dinners can be hard to swing. Between kids’ commitments and parents’ work schedules, getting dinner on the table so you can all eat together is often a challenge.

Check out these parent tips from Huffington Post and put your worries aside. You’ve got this!


“I have a 10-week menu rotation.  I find that I’m much more likely to cook homemade food when I know what to make, have all the ingredients, and don’t have to make the dreaded stop to the grocery store.”—Karen M.

“Whoever is home and least busy around 5 takes ownership of dinner. If a kid has an activity the rest of us still sit and eat together. The Wi-Fi is off between 6 and 7 p.m.” –LaTisha S.

“Get what you can done early in the day … table set, salad made, recipe prep done and refrigerated.”—Kathy S.

“To get the whole family of five involved, each chooses the menu for one meal. –Kelly N.“Crockpot meals, pack a ‘picnic dinner’ to eat together in between practices at the Y.” ― Lauren Bechstein Printke

“I batch-cook on weekends and double recipes like chili, soups and sauces and freeze one portion for another night” –Jaime R.


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What tips can you share with our community? We’d love to hear them!

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