How to Manage Working from Home while Parenting


According to a recent Gallup poll, 62% of Americans are now working from home and with many schools in our community starting the year with remote learning, staying productive in the midst of the chaos is a priority.

According to, here are some ways parents are successfully managing their work/parent responsibilities:

Create a flexible routine
By having a set schedule for bedtimes, mealtimes and when you’re most productive, you’ll avoid disrupting your and your family’s rhythms.  Consistent routines reduce stress, encourage bonding, and make it easier to manage your time.

Experiment with time blocks
Create work time blocks based on childcare, deadlines, and when you are most productive.  Spend time each weekend planning out your week as you consider mealtimes, appointments, chores, and naps.

Add non-negotiables to your calendar
Non-negotiables are your priorities in life and are typically defined by your values, principles, and goals. Once you have identified your non-negotiables, add them to your calendar so that nothing else will come before them.

Separate your roles
Set boundaries between your personal and professional lives.  One solution is to separate home and work zones by creating a dedicated workspace that’s separate from the rest of your home.  You could also block out specific times for work and parenting.

Plan what you can in advance
From planning out meals to activities for the kids while you are on a Zoom call, spend time during the weekend to gather materials (or ingredients) so you have one less thing on your weekly plate.

Cut yourself some slack
Even seasoned work-from-home pros can struggle with juggling their parental responsibilities. Be realistic, don’t worry about perfection, and take care of what you can — mainly your top priorities.

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