How to Plant a Veggie Garden with your Kids


There is no better way to celebrate warmer weather than by getting your hands dirty—literally.  And, by working with your kids to plant some of your favorite veggies, you will all get to reap the benefits of your hard work when you get to eat the delicious food you plant.

According to, here are 4 tips to getting your garden started:

Let Kids Pick What You Plant
Spend some time looking through websites, books or magazines to decide which veggies grow best in your area and let your kids choose which plants you should buy.

Prep Your Bed
Encourage kids to pick the spots for their new plants. Ask them to check the plant tags for information on spacing and sunlight and then determine the best spot.

Let your kids dig the holes and demonstrate how to gently remove plants from the container and loosen up the roots before planting.

Create a Schedule
Get kids involved in maintaining the garden by creating a monthly chart that includes days to water and feed. Chart when plants should be ready for harvest and create a countdown for your favorite plants.

What veggies will you be planting this summer?

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