How to Raise a Resilient Child


We were so happy to see our friend Adam Russo, on the cover of this month’s Naperville Magazine.  The magazine published an excerpt from his book, Unwritten Rules, including these 4 strategies parents can use to help their kids become successful adults.

Delay Gratification
While our culture becomes more “instant,” the things that lead to success haven’t changed. It still takes hard work, determination, motivation, failure, and perseverance to be successful. No matter how convenient our culture becomes, or how many barriers get removed in order to streamline processes to make our lives easier, or how many devices are created to help us be productive, being able to delay gratification will be essential to success in any field.

Teach Resiliency
We must be real. Life is hard and filled with many struggles. Our ability to respond in effective ways to these struggles is what makes people great. Kids will all have different fights to fight. But if they’re not prepared to manage the negative emotions when these battles come, they’re being set up to lose. As parents, we can’t guarantee their success, but we can ensure that they are best prepared for the fight.

Manage Emotion
Most kids can’t learn how to manage emotions independently and adaptively—that must be taught. Anxiety is just a feeling that we all have. The ones who are able to keep anxiety in its place are the ones who can learn what this feeling is, how they experience it, and how to best cope with it.

Require Accountability
Parents can make many excuses for themselves in order to let the little things go. But if that’s all they do, then there is no way the child will learn how to be responsible for themselves and cope with the anxiety and frustration they will inevitably face when they enter the adult world.

To read the entire article—including Adam’s tactics for making the above strategies stick—click here.





and we couldn’t wait to share some of it with our Branch community.

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