I Love my Daddy!

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We requested local moms to ask their young kiddos to complete this sentence: I love my Daddy because… The results were heartwarming, truthful and simply sweet. Wishing you and your families a Happy Father’s Day weekend.

I love my Daddy because…


“ he works hard so he can take me to Disney World-oh, and he takes care of me.” -Emmy, 4

“he loves us!”-Ava, 6

“he has funny jokes!” -Charlie, 6

“he plays video games with me”-Nick, 8

“every morning he always has a smile on his face that makes me happy!”-Evelyn, 9

“whenever I want to cuddle or I’m sick, he takes care of me.” -Scarlett, 8

“he is always so nice to me.”-Samuel, 5

“he is a BOY!”-Jonathan, 4

“he’s silly!”-Nick, 8

“of his hilarious jokes”-Natalie, 9

“he plays video games with me”-Brandon, 6

“he helps me when I’m in trouble. I also like the hugs he gives me.”-Ryan, 9

“he likes me.”-Claire, 4

“he makes me feel better when I’m upset.”-Lindsey, 8

“he teaches me a lot of stuff.”-Daniel, 10

“he always plays with me.”-Eleanor, 8

“he is very thoughtful.”-Alex, 8

“he loves coming to my sporting events.”-Justin, 11

“he helps me win video games.”-Avery, 9

“he tells corny dad jokes that we pretend to hate, but secretly love.”-Mira, 9

“he is funny!”-Emma, 9

“he gives me hugs.” Daniel, 5


From Dad jokes to video games, whatever it is about the father figure in your life that you love, don’t forget to honor him this weekend.

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