Keeping Baby Healthy–and Happy–during the Holidays


Even the smallest of gatherings can be challenging for new parents and their babies. Dr. Rose’s (aka Dr. Reyna Trevino) shares great tips for keeping your little ones happy and healthy during the busy holiday season.

Keep a Sleep Schedule
Although it is tempting to forgo their nap schedule in lieu of holiday festivities, try to keep everyone on a regular sleep schedule as much as possible. Besides keeping a sleep schedule, it is also important to keep your baby on a regular feeding schedule.  This will ensure your baby is getting everything he needs to feel his best.

Layer Up
Babies cannot regulate their body temperature, and they can’t tell you if they are too hot or too cold.  When staying indoors, cover their heads and feet to keep heat from escaping and then start with thin layers such as a long t-shirt over an onesie.

Limit Your Travel
If you must travel this holiday season, limit your trips to short driving distances so your baby isn’t in a car for long periods. Although car seats are necessary, babies are not meant to be in them for long periods of time—it is hard on their necks and heads.

BYOS—Bring Your Own Stuff
Keep in mind that not all homes are built for babies, and bringing your own stuff will ensure your child will have everything she needs.

Set Boundaries
Say no to those activities that zap your energy and keep you from getting the rest you need. This may include opting out of a family gathering or even gently saying “no” to unsolicited parenting advice from well-meaning relatives.

This truly is the most wonderful time of the year—especially when you get to celebrate with your new baby.  Be flexible with your plans keeping the needs of you and your baby at the forefront of all decision-making.

Happy Holidays!

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