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Podcasts. It seems like everyone is tuning in these days. Whether you like to listen to your favorite celebrity dishing gossip or prefer something more educational, there is a podcast that suits just about everyone’s taste. In the spirit of Mother’s Day, here are five interesting “Mommy Podcasts”- shows that often deal with topics of motherhood and womanhood. Enjoy!

  1. Simply Socket: Our very own Dr. Cathy Subber hosts Socket. Socket helps you plug into YOU and unplug from things that no longer serve you. It helps you find your voice and self-esteem while learning to say no and set boundaries when necessary. If living a life of authenticity, kindness and confidence is something you are looking for, you are in the right place!
  2. Bottomless MOMosa: Cheers! Bottomless MOMosa is the virtual working mom brunch you didn’t think you needed until now! Every week, your host Elisabeth Allen brings you REAL stories and mothers who are full time workers. Bottomless MOMosa is here to give you the ugly and beautiful truth of new working motherhood while allowing you to walk away with tangible steps and advice to advance your career and home life. It’s YOUR turn to take some much needed time to yourself!
  3. Motherhood Sessions: Reproductive psychiatrist Dr. Alexandra Sacks lets us listen in on her conversations with mothers as they reveal their most intimate struggles. These are the conversations we’re afraid to have with even our closest friends, the truths we never dare to say out loud, and the fears we bury deep, but something miraculous happens when these women are allowed the space to tell these stories.
  4. Woke Mommy Chatter: Musings of a Socially Conscious Mom. Motherhood is challenging at the best of times. Black motherhood is challenging, hyper-visible and invisible all at the same time.Woke Mommy Chatter is a podcast and blog dedicated to unpacking the experience of Black motherhood. It’s a window into the world of Black motherhood.
  5. What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Amy and Margaret are each moms of three, dealing with the same hassles as any parent– but with completely different parenting styles. Margaret is laid-back to the max; Amy never met a spreadsheet she didn’t like. Join them as they laugh in the face of motherhood!


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