Allison. Mom to know.


“People often ask me how I do everything I do. My answer? I don’t and there are 2 major reasons why. #1. I am a divorced mom, but not a single parent. 50% of the time I have my boys, 50%, I don’t. Half of the time other moms are cooking dinner, helping with homework, driving to activities, getting kids up for school….I have to myself. #2. I have an Allison. Allison is my Advanced Health of Naperville Office Manager, my Naperville Moms Network account executive, my life organizer and an overall amazing, fun, energetic human. Last year she became a mom to her beautiful twins, Reese and Ryder. She is a wonderful mother and I have seen all that her babies add to her life and heart!

Allison has this unique skill set of being super outgoing, friendly, upbeat, happy and amazing as the host of my practice, but she is also incredibly organized. It is rare to find one person that has such strong abilities in both of these areas. On top of that, she has the energy of 4 people. I get tired just watching her sometimes and I think it would be fun to make up those little promotional giveaways that has a sticker that says, “Allison’s Energy!”  I joke with her that she is never allowed to leave me, but, Allison, that isn’t a joke….please don’t leave me! Lol. Allison helps me and others in more ways than this space allows me and I couldn’t respect her and care about her more.” – Dr. Cathy Subber

Meet Allison!

My name is Allison Dzierzanowski and I live in Geneva, IL and twin boy and girl who are 23 months old.

When I was younger I was afraid to become a mother because I wasn’t sure I would be able to do a good job. Once I got married I realized I wanted to start a family, but I had issues getting pregnant. Finding out I was pregnant with twins was such a blessing and a miracle. I had my twins prematurely at 29 weeks and that was the scariest time in my life. My babies were in the NICU at the hospital for 2 months and in the beginning it was very terrifying because I didn’t know if they were going to survive.  Then my son had hernia surgery a month after coming home from the hospital.  I had a lot of my own guilt. I blamed myself for not being able to carry them full term. I wondered what could I have done differently to not have them so early. It weighed heavily on me and still does to this day. These two are my miracles, my blessings, my love, my life.  I live for these two.  I never thought having kids would bring me so much joy. It surprised me in a way I never thought possible. Watching my kids laugh, smile, or do something silly makes my heart happy.  I look forward to watching them grow up as individuals.  I never thought having kids would change me as much as it has.  They have made me a better person. I am more loving, caring, and patient because of them.  I’ve learned that I am not perfect. I will not have all the answers or know if I am doing the right thing or not as a mother, but what I do know is that I will do anything and everything for my kids. They are my world!




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