Konnie. Mom to know.

My name is Konnie, I’m 29, mother of 3 adopted kids and have been married almost 7 years. I’m a SAHM. After battling infertility, my husband and I decided to foster to adopt. We’ve had 7 children in and out of our home and we’re finalizing our third adoption.  While we have felt we were “done”, there are still so many children needing safe and loving homes, so we are signing back up to foster again. We’ve done a news interview with CBS to promote the Safe Haven law because our daughter was abandoned at birth and her birth mother didn’t utilize the law. I’ve spoken at KidCon and other events about foster care and adoption, and my journey. I also created and run a Facebook support group for LGBT foster and adoptive parents after hearing they needed a safe space of their own to be heard and supported. It now has over 1.6 K members. I’m always looking for ways to give whether it’s collecting book donations for Bernie’s Books for underprivileged youth, getting donations of household items for a birth parent, offering my help to fellow transracial foster parents that need a hand with their child’s hair, fostering puppies, donating items/time/money when able… our family’s mantra is if someone is in need and we can help, we help. I’m also so lucky to be part of a group of ladies that purchases brand new clothes and shoes for over 80 children at an orphanage in Honduras and hand delivers it each year. We go and spend time with them, cook them a meal, bring them clothing and whatever fun things we can pack into a ton of suitcases and just love on these children.
I grew up as an only child to a single mom, we were very poor and often received donations of things from people. Once I became an adult I wanted to be on the other side of things, the giving side. So if there’s a need and we can help, it’s not even a second thought, we just help. It’s one of, if not the most important thing I think I can teach my kids. Compassion and love for other people and to always lend a helping hand.
The group I run is https://www.facebook.com/groups/558083117675097/?ref=share
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