Remote Learning Check-In: 5 Tips for Parents


As we head into another month of remote learning, we thought it would be a great time to revisit some of these tips from

Set (and keep) a schedule
Is it time to revise the original schedule you set at the beginning of the year?  If it is working, stick to it, but if it isn’t, take a look at what changes you might want to make.  A great idea is to use a timer to clarify how much time is really being spent on what activity.

Take an Inventory of Materials
Whether its pencil and paper, a stable WiFi connection, or updated log-in information, make sure your kids have everything they need to complete all of their assignments.  This is also a good time to clean out their email inboxes and make sure they have responded to any emails from teachers or school staff.

Provide an Environment Conducive to Learning
Check in with your child to make sure their learning space is still meeting their needs.  Do you need to increase the lighting or perhaps find a more comfortable chair?  If your child is easily distracted, look at utilizing apps that eliminate distractions or add some background music. Also look at how your child is keeping the space organized and see what changes might need to be made.

Make Sure Work is Completed
It’s time to look through the online gradebook with your child and make sure all assignments are completed.  If you find some uncompleted work, help your child get back on track—even if that means having them email the teacher for clarification.

Identify Learning Barriers
If your child is struggling, try to figure out why: Is it focus? Motivation?  Too much or too little structure? Do they not understand the assignment?  When students say, “I don’t get it,” your first step is to figure out what “it” is. Reach out to teachers if you can’t seem to pinpoint the issue.

Get all the tips here.

What tips do you have for keeping remote learning positive for students, parents and teachers?

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